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The Best World Cup experience on the iPhone Hassle free & no nonsense: with push, calendar, live data & fun with friends

Why search for information in a World Cup App? Our App doesn't just contain relevant info, but it presents that information the way you want it.

The World Cup Challenge App offers a unique and up-to-date view of the World Cup, where everything you need is either already visible or just a single swipe away.

But there’s more, wouldn’t it be fun if you could predict the outcome of the matches and compete with your friends? Well, you can!

The Challenge part of the application is all about predicting the outcome of the matches and competing with your friends at work, your family and even the rest of the world.

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Main Features

Earn points by predicting the outcome, and compete with your friends, family and the world.

Push notifications for your team (or all teams) when a match starts and for each goal.

View the calendar and see when a match will be played (localized to your date/time).

Easy swipe navigation, all relevant info is either already visible or a swipe away.

View all current group rankings

A World Cup horn to use when your favorite team scores! (use at own risk)

Notification june 13th 2010

Our data center experienced a brief power outage just before the start of the match Germany – Australia, which damaged certain network equipment. Consequently the App could not retrieve the latest information from the server, and we could not send a start notification for the match.

It took our team approximately one hour to get everything up and running again. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.